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wafer reclaiming services

Ten Steps Used In Wafer Reclaiming Process

These ten steps make a contribution towards helping clients save on costs. The provision of wafer reclaiming services allows for all rejected wafers to be reclaimed several times over. There is this capacity to supply thousands of wafers within a single work day. This is the turnaround objective of the business, perhaps making it possible to better serve global markets. Cost savings is made possible through cost containments and the use of a centralized inventory control system.

Monthly budgetary requirements can be contained through computerized management systems. Technical solutions are always being provided for customers’ pertinent requirements. The ten steps used in the wafer reclaiming process begin with receiving and end with one last quality control check before delivery is made. Other steps include the incoming inspection, presorting, stripping and etching, polishing, cleaning, spinning and drying. And all along the way continuous quality assurance tasks are being carried out.

wafer reclaiming services

These will include visual inspections of wafers. The incoming inspection takes care of a PCA count and the condition of wafers before processing commences. Incoming wafers will be presorted to take care of film removal. Stripping and etching entails chemical processing that removes all existing patterns and films. Polishing is required to deliver a prime test wafer surface. Just a few microns are removed through low removal polishing technologies. During the clean, spin, rinse and drying processes all particles are removed.

The last inspection is measured in accordance with KLA 6400 to ensure particle count per specification. While finished articles are being sorted specific readouts are provided. Finally, once this is done, the wafers are inspected yet again, vacuum packed and delivered. It is all done on the day the request for processing is received and the used wafers are accepted.